La Lingua del Canto

30th August - 9th September 2023

Lingua Del Canto - Summer singing Course - Italy - Students
Lingua Del Canto - Summer singing Course - Italy - Student

Summer singing Course - Italy - Novafeltria's Theatre

Course History

Meastro Ubaldo Fabbri founded his international summer academy, Voci nel Montefeltro, with special emphasis on diction, phonetics, phrasing and expression in Belcanto in 2004.

The Lingua del Canto programme was originally founded by Sheila Luxon in Urbania, near Urbino in Le Marche in 2001, in collaboration with the Centro Studi Italiani summer vocal and language programme together with Maestro Fabbri. In 2004 the Lingua del Canto programme moved slightly north to Novafeltria to join Meastro Fabbri as he set up his new academy. Sheila retired in 2009 and since then until last year just a few students came out for coaching with Maestro Fabbri.

Sister summer courses held in Novafeltria in collaboration with Maestro Fabbri are La Musica Lirica, based in Decatur, Illionois, "La lingua della Lirica" based in NewYork (the Mannes and Manhattan Schools of Music) and also the Japanese Summer Program in Italy.